Professional accounting
services specialising in small to
medium enterprises
70% of new small businesses fail within five years. There are many reasons why this happens, but looming large among these is a lack of meaningful and reliable information concerning the financial position and progress of the business, often accompanied by a lack of necessary commercial disciplines in operating the business. Our objective is to provide the information, advice and assistance that small business owners and managers need to empower them to make the decisions that need to be made, to grow and enhance a viable business and to avoid some of the fatal traps that lie in wait.
Our objective in bringing professional financial skills to your business includes:
provision of business accountancy and advisory services
• accounting system set up, operation, supervision and maintenance
• policy & procedures documentation
• establishment of management financial reporting protocols
• project viability analysis, business plan development
management accounting systems, cost analysis and control
• preparation of annual financial reports
• attention to BAS/IAS reporting and lodgement [Reg. BAS agent]
• attention to ASIC statutory reporting [ASIC registered agent]
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