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Services summary
Advisory support for SME business operators
Your commercial decision making processes will be enhanced by the bringing to the table of half a century of direct working experience in the SME area, coupled with continually updated qualification as a professional accountant.
Project viability analysis
Whether considering a new venture or the future of an existing one, it is absolutely essential to have an independently developed objective analysis upon which to base decisions. By developing  a business plan and detailed financial projections together with sensitivity analysis, we will work with you to assist in giving you an objective basis for making the final determinations upon which so much can be dependent.
Accounting systems set up, operation and maintenance
Central to making the difference between an accounting system that is readily useable and produces valuable information, and one which is arcane and difficult to use producing unintelligible reports, is the basic design of the system structure and chart of accounts.
We will set out to develop the system structure and associated procedures and controls to ensure compatibility with the business and the information needs of the users of the financial reporting and other output, while always complying with accounting standards and regulatory requirements, and then to ensure satisfactory professional system management and operation on an agreed basis.
And if you already have a set-up which is not working too well for you, we have plenty of experience at unravelling poorly performing accounting systems!
Establishment of management financial reporting protocols
As manager of a business, your need is to receive timely and valid financial information in a format that you can best use to assist in making vital business decisions.  An important objective will be to set up reporting systems to meet these needs, so that you will have reports that help you make those decisions.
Policy & procedures documentation
Compliance with various quality standards requires the existence of appropriate accounting and operational policies and procedures.  By bringing extensive experience to bear we can assist with development of required documentation.
Management accounting systems, cost analysis and control
Managing a business and making day to day commercial decisions needs to have a basis in reliable financial information that quantifies costs and defines where those costs are coming from.  This information needs to be presented in a timely manner and to be based in well founded reporting systems.
Preparation of annual financial reports
We can bring to the table extensive experience in resolving accounting system output into statutory format reports compliant with regulatory requirements and ready for preparation of business tax returns.
Attention to BAS/IAS reporting and ASIC statutory reporting
As a registered BAS agent, we can attend to preparation of BAS or IAS reports from the accounting system, which will be configured to provide required information, and to the on-time electronic lodgements through the ATO BAS portal.  Also, as an ASIC registered agent, we can attend to all statutory lodgements and related matters, as well as having capability to arrange incorporation of new company structure when needed.
BAS Agent No. 87710008
ASIC Reg Agent No.25604
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